الجمعة، 8 أبريل 2011

puff Pastry =)

Oh my God I can not describe to you how happy I am now.
I was enthusiastic to do Puff Pastry with my sister was so fun!!
In particular, and you are doing your favorite food or to experience new food . or what you like!
In this week we have loved to work in a different way to eat A typical, tasty and easy food you know!
 We decided to do it!!
Yesterday, our pizza was delicious already, but another day, we decided to do something tastier loool , puff Pastry it's already delicious !! dont miss pastry stuffed with cheese yum yum .

1)First you need the dough, but you can buy them from any supermarket in any case it would be ready in different shapes and section, but I think we will choose the form of a
square . It is easy to work on it.

2)We can choose ground beef, but we did it before,and this time we will choose the cheese and we'll choose the French cheese (Kiri).

3)We will put cheese in the center of the dough

4)As you can see we fold into a triangle shape

5) then we clicking on the edge of the dough with the fork tines to make sure that the dough completely closed.

6)We need one egg and then put it on the dough and make sure that  it mix well.

7)Pour the egg by spoon,on full dough you can use a brush if you want but it would be best depending on the quantity of eggs required
 so it's up to you.

8)Then we will put  a little of Sesame
 and we will distribute it.

9)So now  we put  it in the oven for  almost 10 to
15 minutes, You may be check on it  between now and then .

tic tak ,tic tak ,tic tak ,tic tak

10)In the end, now it is ready ;D

وبالعافيه =)

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